Fowlmere after-school club

Useful Information

♦ Fowlmere after-school club operates from 3.00pm-6pm, Monday to Friday.

♦ The cost of an after school session is currently £13

♦All bookings are made through 

♦ We operate out of the main school hall with access to the front playground.

♦ Children will be given a snack on arrival & water and fresh fruit & vegetables are always available

♦ We are registered with Ofsted, URN – 2576101 

 Club contact number – 07845 234778

For club related enquiries please speak to the manager at –

♦ For enquiries related to bookings, payments and other general queries –

What your child will get up to 

Here at Fowlmere Kids club, Mrs Parker offers a full wrap around care, full off exciting activities and child led play.

We start the day at 7:30am with our Breakfast club. At Breakfast club the children are greeted by Mrs Parker with calming start the day puzzles, games and colouring. The children are offered a wide range of breakfast items such as cereals, waffles, toast and fresh fruit. On a Friday we also offer Bacon and Sausage sandwiches alongside the usual breakfast items.

From 3:00pm the children make their way to Mrs Parker for our after-school club. To start the afternoon, children are permitted to use some school laptops to complete homework, or practice using TT Rockstars, We also offer to read with the children, completing their reading records of any pages that have been read. A snack is then offered from 4pm, which is a combination of a hot food item such as spring rolls, toasties, etc and healthy finger food such as peppers, cucumbers, apples and grapes. If your child has any food allergies or dietary requirements we do take these very seriously and the items on offer would be suitable. We are also completely Nut free. 

After snack time the tables are then laid out with different games, colouring, craft and sensory items. Around the room we also offer a reading tent, and time out tent for when children need a short time in their own space. There is also construction toys such as Lego, trainsets and k-nex for children to allow their imagination to grow. We are also planning on offering a cookery session at least once a week, to help children learn basic cookery skills, to help develop motor skills and independence.

During the school holidays Mrs Parker and Mrs Pope open our holiday club to local children in and around Fowlmere, with children currently attending from Royston, Melbourn and Thriplow as well as from our own village. Programmes are individually designed for each break and themed with any celebrations that occur during the break such as Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. On each day we offer a wide range of activities, such as a planned craft session, or cookery session where they will create items to bring home. We also offer small amounts of screen time on our WII and Switch consoles, this is monitored and children are only permitted for an allocated time. We do supply a snack at around 10am which is either a biscuit or a piece of fruit, but children are welcome to bring their own snack if they would prefer. Lunch unfortunately is not provided so children will need to bring their own packed lunch, we do ask that these are Nut Free. After lunchtime, weather permitting the children are taken over to the Butts where they have an amount of time to run and play. The day is flexible and we ask children to write down ideas of what they would like to do additionally on the day and try our best to accommodate all. Again as with our Wrap around care all allergies and dietary requirements are taken into consideration when our sessions are planned.

We like to offer families the chance to pop in and view our facilities on request – so please call or email to arrange a visit to our site.

Early years children (Reception)

Reception children or EYFS (children aged 5 or under) will be assigned a key worker who you as a parent/carer will be introduced to. The key worker will ensure your child settles in well and is happy within the setting. They may also make notes on their development to ensure it is at good pace and the environment supports them with their development. You can always speak to the manager or email us for more information. 

Special educational needs

We are an inclusive setting and will support any children with special educational needs to access our provision. Every situation is different and therefore we ask all parents/carers to come in for a consultation to discuss their Childs needs before they book them in for a session. From here we can decide on the best route to take in regards to accessing the club.