After-School Club at William Bellamy Primary School

Useful information

♦Kids Choice run the wraparound care at William Bellamy Primary School. Currently this is an after-school club only. 

♦We offer an after-school club that is open from 3.10pm until 6pm. It currently costs £15 per session.

♦All bookings are made through 

♦ We operate out of the school hall using the outdoor space adjacent to this space. 

♦ Children will have a snack (Not tea) upon arrival in the afternoon. Fresh fruit and chilled water will also always be available. 

♦ Our club contact number (opening hours only) is 07534 192994

♦ Our club email address is


What your children will get up to

In the afternoon your child/children will be dropped off by their teacher after-school and greeted by after-school club staff. 

They may in some cases sit down for a carpet time which consists of reminders about rules, new activities, celebrations etc whilst all children are accounted for. This typically takes a few minutes. 

Following all children arriving and being signed in they will wash their hands and have a choice of healthy snacks to enjoy. This may change but currently consists of Sandwiches, Wraps, Pancakes, Brioche rolls & Pizza on a Friday! Fresh fruit and chilled water will also always be available. 

Children will then be allowed to freely enjoy themselves inside and outside with the vast amount of resources available. This will include outside items such as; go-karts, football, basketball, sand pit, mud kitchen, climbing frame etc and inside; pool table, construction toys, arts and crafts, drawing area, library zone, sensory corner, board games and puzzles and more! 

Children can be collected anytime by a known collector with the child’s collection password and ID. You will set up a collection password when registering. The collection gate is on the right hand side as you walk up towards the children’s centre. It has a clear sign on as well as a doorbell which will notify us someone is here, we will then ensure we know the collector before getting the child ready to go home. You will not be able to come into the setting for security purposes. 

If you would like us to provide holiday care during the school holidays please head to holiday club using the menu above and complete the survey! 

Early years children (Reception)

Reception children or EYFS (children aged 5 or under) will be assigned a key worker who you as a parent/carer will be introduced to. The key worker will ensure your child settles in well and is happy within the setting. They may also make notes on their development to ensure the environment supports them with all aspects of learning. You can always speak to the manager or email us for more information. 

Special educational needs

We are an inclusive setting and will support any children with special educational needs to access our provision. Every situation is different and therefore we ask all parents/carers to come in for a consultation to discuss their Childs needs before they book them in for a session. From here we can decide on the best route to take in regards to accessing the club.